In the age of digital change, Aladdin is driving technological innovation for retailers. Aladdin’s core mission is to enable retailers to grow their sales and profitability by providing them with a user-friendly and cost-effective SaaS-based ERP platform. This platform simplifies inventory management, billing, and checkout processes, helping retailers seamlessly meet the requirements of the digital age. Aladdin plays a pivotal role in transforming traditional stores into Aladdin Smart Dukaans.


Aladdin’s partnership with ADMAA, a leader in digital adoption, is set to revolutionize grocery retail. While Aladdin drives digital transformation, ADMAA’s strength in on-ground implementation accelerates this change, ensuring a swift and effective transition for retailers.


Amer Pasha, Co-founder and CEO of Aladdin, highlights, “Our partnership with ADMAA goes beyond just increasing sales. It’s about making sure retailers not only adopt digital tools but also thrive with them. This collaboration benefits both: it expands our product’s reach to retailers and provides shopkeepers with a valuable tool to digitize their dukaan.”

Adnan Ansari, CEO of ADMAA, says, “With Aladdin, we focus on getting retailers to use digital tools. We’re already pushing digital fintech solutions in retail, aiming to make shops more profitable and sustainable.”

The collaboration between Aladdin and ADMAA represents a powerful union, seamlessly merging Aladdin’s tech solutions for retailers with ADMAA’s expertise in accelerating tech adoption. This partnership positions retailers not just to adapt but to lead in the retail revolution.