About Us

Inspiration for Aladdin

Our story starts with Kiryana Stores; the Mom & Pop Stores that are the foundation of Pakistani communities. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Kiryana stores are grappling with the challenge of survival. Their obstacles range from lost sales and profits due to stockouts, to limited funds for stock refinancing, lack of access to affordable technology, and fierce competition from larger stores.

Kiryana Stores are deeply ingrained in Pakistan’s social fabric. Our vision is to uphold this heritage while enabling their progress and prosperity through digitization. By shifting behaviors towards digital adoption we can ensure that Kiryana stores remain competitive and are empowered to realizing their wishes and aspirations for success. This concept laid the foundation for the birth of the idea behind Aladdin.

As both the Lamp and the Genie, our Genie team is geared to translate these aspirations into reality. Our goal is to bring in more efficiency and effectiveness across the Grocery Retail Value Chain- from Manufacturers to End Consumers. The opportunity is HUGE, and we are building a purposeful business that will empower MSMEs and local communities to unlock their potential through digitization in Pakistan and other emerging markets.

The Genie Team

Co Founders

Amer Pasha


Sukaina Pasha


Azhar Hussain


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Sales & Merchant Success Genies

Sales & Merchant Success Genies

Shoaib Adil

Imran ul Haq

The Genie Team

Technology & Solution Genies

Samrah Syed

Hassan Ali

Hashir Saeed

Jahanzaib Ali

Our Culture

Mutual Respect

An environment of mutual respect, where Customers, Associates and Partners respect one another and Aladdin values

Agility and Speed

By being agile and nimble, we test and pivot continuously in developing products and processes

Growth & Learning

We stand for personal and professional growth for all our stakeholders by creating a culture that encourages continuous learning in a supportive and nurturing environment. At Aladdin, we see failure as opportunity to learn and grow


We want to be remembered for who we are and how we treat people. For delivering on our commitments, maintaining confidentiality and providing value to all our stakeholders


Always working towards an environment of openness, honesty and communication, we believe that together we can create better

Our Principles


@Aladdin, trust is at the center of everything. We recognize & acknowledge that we are not only Trusted Advisors of our stakeholders but Custodians of their most precious & valuable asset – Their Data

Customer Centric

@Aladdin, our Members and Partners are at the heart of everything. By knowing the “What’s in it for them”, we can help them to grow and thrive; Their success is the key to our success


@Aladdin, we empower our Genies to think, express, ideate and execute. All our Genies are Leaders in their respective areas of influence. As such we believe in empowering those closest to any challenge. We stand by: “Diversity in Thought and Ideas. Unity in Purpose”

Innovation Value

@Aladdin, we strongly believe in leading change which requires us to continuously innovate and challenge products, services, processes and thinking in our quest to build a better future for ALL our Stakeholders

Our Principles

Our Strategic Partners